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【LA000305】Desktop Mini Trash Can

【LA000305】Desktop Mini Trash Can

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With Lid

【Desktop Trash Can】 The small trash can with a press-style lid suitable for storage garbage like tissue, food, makeup, or other small wastes, can effectively isolate the smell of garbage, the fruit fly, and keep your countertop neat. One-click to close, clean and tasteless.
【Easy to Use & Clean】 The pop-up design lid is simple and convenient. Simply tap the button to open or closed the lid. The liner design can place and hide the garbage bag, which is easy to replace the garbage.
【Premium Quality】 Made of high-quality and durable polypropylene material, smooth surface, and rounded corners.
【Mini Size】 8.7"W x 4.3"D x 5.1"H. A small shape moves freely. Fit to desks, kitchen table top, coffee tables, dressing tables, bedside tables, etc. It can also storage cosmetics and toiletries to keep your countertop neat.

No Lid

【Sloping Opening Dustbin】 The opening of this desktop trash can is inclined. This design can make the entrance larger, and make it more convenient and accurate when you put in the garbage. Inclined openings also increase the capacity of this table dustbin and hold more trash desktop table dustbin.
【Built-in Double-layer Sleeve】 The desktop trash can has a built-in double sleeve and a built-in buckle to help you securely fix the garbage bag and the inner tube, thus effectively preventing it from falling off during movement. The built-in double-layer sleeve also better hides the garbage bag, making the table dustbin look safer, more beautiful and cleaner table dustbin desk bin.
【New Design】 The desktop trash can adopts a new design, which makes it look more personalized, is the perfect decoration with the desktop, and desktop dustbin can also be well hidden; rectangular, elliptical edge structure makes it With more capacity, desk bin also saves space on the desktop desk bin table dustbin.
【EP material, Comfortable Feel】 The desktop dustbin adopts a new environmentally-friendly PP material, which is harmless to the environment and does not have any odor. Therefore, it is not necessary to worry that it will cause harm to the human body; this material has a comfortable feel. You can take desktop dustbin comfortably while watching TV and using your computer, and throw trash in at any time, convenient, comfortable and fast table desktop dustbin.

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