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【LA000256】water bottle 32oz

【LA000256】water bottle 32oz

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【Drink More Water Fun and Easier】-Keeping it in hands reach encourages me to keeping sipping.Drink much more water now than before.You move around more and not sitting at desk for hours on end. Now YOU HAVE to get up.
【Non-toxic & Bpa Free & Beautiful Color】-Keeping hydrated to some extent throughout the’s easy to pick out your bottle when working in a van or a truck.
【Fits in Most Cup Holders in Cars and Large Vans】-fit it in my hiking bag more easily.Helps motivate me to drink (at bare minimum) 32oz a day.
【Comfortable sipping straw】- The long straw- guaranteed to get ALL of the water down to the last drop! It's beautiful, easy to carry, easy to hold, easy to open and close, and comes with a lock to hold the straw in place for traveling.
【Sturdy strap】-Has a convenient loop for carrying. Make you feel positive and good like you are on track for the day and you can see the progress.

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