Company Profile

Company Name: Guangzhou Baroque Apparel Co., Ltd.

Established: August 24, 2012

Industry: Domestic and Cross-Border E-commerce

Company Overview: Guangzhou Baroque Apparel Co., Ltd. was established on August 24, 2012, focusing on domestic and cross-border e-commerce. We are committed to providing a wide range of products, including fashionable clothing, pet supplies, household essentials, and furniture. Our goal is to create a unique cross-border e-commerce platform, connecting domestic and international markets and offering high-quality products and services.

Main Products or Services: Baroque Apparel offers products across various categories, ranging from cutting-edge fashion clothing to diverse pet supplies, as well as a variety of household essentials and furniture. We stay abreast of market trends to ensure product diversity and high quality, catering to the needs of different customers.

Mission and Vision: Our mission is to establish our own cross-border e-commerce platform, serving both B2C and B2B markets with premium services. Our vision is to become a trusted leader in domestic and international e-commerce, facilitating the global circulation of goods, breaking geographical barriers, and providing consumers worldwide with a superior and convenient shopping experience.

Key Achievements or Features: Since its inception, Baroque Apparel has rapidly gained recognition in the e-commerce field, thanks to its outstanding market insight and professional service team. We have successfully built several best-selling brands, earning widespread acclaim and a solid reputation in the industry.

Target Market or Customer Base: Our target market spans both domestic and international regions, aiming to serve a diverse customer base, including fashion-conscious young consumers, families with high-quality living standards, and pet enthusiasts.

Company Size: Guangzhou Baroque Apparel Co., Ltd. currently has approximately 50 employees. Headquartered in Guangzhou, we have multiple offices domestically and internationally, providing quality services to customers globally.

Company Culture or Values: We uphold values of teamwork, integrity in business, continuous innovation, and customer-centricity. Baroque Apparel encourages every employee to actively learn and innovate, contributing to the company's long-term development. We strive to create a dynamic and inclusive work environment that respects diversity and provides ample room for personal and professional growth.