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【LA000317】12Pcs Jurassic Dinosaur Toy Set

【LA000317】12Pcs Jurassic Dinosaur Toy Set

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  • Wonderful Jurassic Dinosaurs Toys: This Dino Playset has 12 different life-like dinosaurs that most kids like, including Brachiosaurus, Stegosaurus, Behemoth dragon, Fan dragon, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Archaeopteryx, Ankylosaurus, Sickle Dragon, Allosaurus, Amargasaurus, Styracosaurus, 2 Coconut trees and a dinosaur egg, can make dinosaur games and Jurassic adventure realistic and funny
  • Educational Kids Toys For children whose obsessed with dinosaurs, this set of dinosaur toys will be the best parent-child toy. Children can learn to identify and count the dinosaurs, name the colors. Parents can share many dinosaur facts and stories with our children. We can even make fossil footprints using these realistic dinosaurs or make dinosaurs battles
  • Cute Backpack Included: A thick transparent backpack is included as a gift, which is large enough to hold all dinosaurs as well as some other toys. So these dinosaurs can be stored in this backpack, hang on or put somewhere without mess. Our kids can carry their toys to the school, beach or somewhere else too. Besides, the backpack strap is adjustable, suitable for all kids from 2-8 years old
  • Safe and Vivid Kids Toys: For kids toys, what matters most is safety and color. All the dinosaurs are made of non-toxic PVC, even the colors are hand painted, making the dinosaur toys safe, realistic and interesting for dinosaur-obsessed kids
  • Perfect Gifts Toys for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Year Old Boys: If you are looking for kids gift, this dinosaur set should jump into your sight firstly. It is perfect to act as Christmas, Holiday, Birthday or Impulse gift. The vibrant colors and imaginative modeling will definitely make the kids jump for joy immediately

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