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【LA000391】French Fries Bag Seal Refrigerator with 12 food bag clippers

【LA000391】French Fries Bag Seal Refrigerator with 12 food bag clippers

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  • YOUR FOOD WILL BE FRESH AND PROTECTED. The shelf life of a product drops dramatically once you open it, so clips for food packages are vital in a modern kitchen. Food clips work for bread, snacks, grains, pasta, you name it: keep it all neatly sealed.
  • YOUR KITCHEN STUFF DOESN’T HAVE TO BE BORING! A chip bag clip does a simple job, but why not use imaginative and cool kitchen gadgets to do this job? These food clips for bags are shaped like crinkle-cut French fries to look nice in your collection of cute kitchen gadgets.
  • NO MORE RUMMAGING FOR A BAG CLIP WHEN YOU NEED ONE. You’ll know where to find it as these food bag clips come in a magnetic box where all 12 of them sit compactly like crispy French fries in a paper bag: stick it, say, onto your fridge, and they’ll always be at hand.
  • COMPACT AND SAFE FOR THE KITCHEN. Inside the box, this set of 12 kitchen clips measures a mere 4.5 in x 3.3 in x 1.6 in (each food clip is 4 inches long). The materials are PP (for the bag sealer sticks) and laminated paper + magnet (for the box).
  • HANDY KITCHEN GIFTS. Home chefs among your loved ones will surely appreciate bag clips for food storage as a gift of better organization in their kitchens. Owning snack clips is also convenient for picnics: keep your sandwich fresh, and you’ll thank yourself later.




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