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【LA000446】Liquid Wart Pen(不享受折扣优惠)

【LA000446】Liquid Wart Pen(不享受折扣优惠)

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  • Effective Wart Remover and Common Wart Remover – Backed by decades of wart removal experience, It helps gently diminish and remove warts on feet, fingers, hands, toes,
  • Painless and Odorless Removal – Our wart remover does not have the unpleasant smell of liquids. Unlike freeze wart removers that can cause discomfort, it is painless to use so is an ideal wart remover for kids
  • Optimized for Multiple Applications – Superior to bandage wart removers with only 10-25 "one size fits all" uses, our wart remover stick typically has at least 35 applications that can be customized for tiny warts on fingers, or large plantar warts on feet
  • Fast and Efficient Process – Once applied, The wart remover starts working fast to get to the root of the wart and make it disappear. The unique waxy formula adheres to the wart surface better than messy liquids and gently peels away the wart
  • Widely Used – It is designed to remove warts found on common areas, such as your hands, fingers, knees, or elbows, and even those hard-to-heal areas like your heels, toes, or plantar warts on the bottom of your feet. This means you can use a single stick on multiple areas and still get optimal results
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