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LA000462 air purifier 空气净化器

LA000462 air purifier 空气净化器

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Introducing our advanced Whole-House Air Purifier, engineered for comprehensive purification and a breath of fresh air in your living space. 

Equipped with an H13 level filter element, this air purifier is designed to remove bacterial allergens, dust, and hair effectively. Say goodbye to common household contaminants, and welcome a new level of purity into your home. 

The Formaldehyde CADR ensures the elimination of harmful formaldehyde particles, providing a healthier environment, especially in new homes. 

Tackle airborne particles with ease using the Particle CADR feature, effectively combating air dust, secondhand smoke, and haze. Breathe freely as the purifier works diligently to remove odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. 

Experience deep purification with the Pollen CADR, offering relief for allergy sufferers by capturing pollen particles and promoting a cleaner, allergen-free atmosphere. 

Upgrade your home's air quality and create a haven of freshness with our Whole-House Air Purifier. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with every breath you take. 

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