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【LA000471】Seed Starter Tray

【LA000471】Seed Starter Tray

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  • The 40 cells of each seed starter tray are equipped with 8 LED (2 blue +2 red +4 white) growth lights that simulate natural sunlight and promote houseplant growth by accelerating photosynthesis. It is therefore ideal for all growth stages and all kinds of plants.
  • [Raising the lid for optimal growth] Each cell in our seedling tray has a leak to prevent water from spilling. The height of the plant entry tray has been increased to provide ample growing space for flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs and other plants. It is ideal for seed germination and plant cut germination, and young plants can stay in the tray for longer.
  • [Durable reusable material] The seed starting tray is made of 0.8 mm PET material, which is thicker and more durable than other trays made of 0.5 mm plastic. The tray is reusable and not easily broken, but it is important to avoid prolonged exposure to high temperatures above 48°C.
  • [Unique design with full control] Adjustable Windows allow you to customize 50-100% humidity inside the tray, while transparent seed trays allow you to monitor plant growth. Bottom drain hole for easy drainage,
  • ✤ [Perfect set] 2 sprout trays, 4 LED plant lights, 2 waterproof base trays, 2 humidity domes, 10 plant tags, 2 x planting tools, 1 marker, and 1 instruction manual. Seed Starter tray kit keeps your seeds growing healthily.
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