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【LA000201】Cat Mouse Toys Wand Light Pet Interactive Toys 2PCs

【LA000201】Cat Mouse Toys Wand Light Pet Interactive Toys 2PCs

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Fun toy for pets: with the interactive cat toy with LED hands, you can improve the relationship with your cat while providing it with more movement and making them healthier when playing.
Multiple function modes: the LED pointer tracking toy has 3 light modes. The red light mode has 5 patterns that can be unlocked when interacting with cats and dogs and provide movement and fun. The UV mode detects fluorescent substances and the torch mode provides lighting.
Convenient charging via USB: the LED cat toy pointer is charged directly via USB and can be charged in any device with USB port, no USB cable required, safer and faster.
Easy to use: thanks to the sliding button, the product works without having to hold down the switch. This product only needs a small push to continue to work as it should. This hunting toy will satisfy your cat's curiosity and pleasure and provide endless fun.
Lightweight and easy to carry: the LED cat toy is equipped with a metal clip and a safety strap, so you can attach it to a book such as a pen, hang it on your backpack or keyring and carry it comfortably.

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