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【LA000393】3 cans Sesaole Maple Black Sesame Spread 170g

【LA000393】3 cans Sesaole Maple Black Sesame Spread 170g

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Satisfy your sesame cravings with Sesaole’s Black Sesame Spread With Pure Maple Syrup!

Nutty and sweet, this maple-infused sesame paste makes a great spread for various types of freshly baked or toasted bread. It also makes a fantastic topping for yogurt or even a flavoring for ice cream. You can also use it as stuffing for steamed buns and dumplings. The possibilities are endless!

With the mixture of sesame and maple syrup, each serving is packed with protein and calcium. What's more, it’s rich in Vitamin E and has zero trans fat. It’s also low in sugar and calories, making it suitable for individuals following a low-GI diet. And because it's made from plant-based ingredients, our spread is vegan-friendly, too.

Please note that no emulsifiers are used for this spread. Instead, we use sesame oil as a natural stabilizer. That said, you may notice sedimentation upon opening the jar. This is normal and a result of prolonged storage. Just stir the jam with a spoon and it should return to its original consistency in minutes!


* Yummy & Delightfully Sweet - Indulge in the unique and luscious taste of our black sesame seed spread! It features a nutty and earthy flavor complemented by the pleasant sweetness of pure maple syrup.

* Pairs Well With Most Snacks - With its smooth and creamy texture, our Asian sesame paste spreads easily over toasted bread. It also works great as a yogurt topping or a filling for baked goods.

* A Nutritious Treat - Our vegan-friendly black sesame butter is low in sugar and calories. It has zero trans fat, is high in protein and vitamin E, and makes a good alternative to peanut butter!

* Tested for Safety - The ingredients in our black sesame seed butter have been tested layer by layer for harmful residues and heavy metals. This way, you can enjoy your sesame snacks with peace of mind!

* Important Note - Instead of an emulsifier, we used natural sesame oil as a stabilizer for this bread spread, which may naturally lead to sedimentation. Just stir the jam with a spoon and it's as good as new!

Manufactured in: Taiwan

Shelf life: 18 months







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